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1L Purple Power Foam Wash & Wax



Powerful PH neutral wash with a very high foam, suitable for any vehicle on almost any surface. This is our most premium wash that leaves your vehicle with a beautiful shine.

Foam Cannon Directions

  • Pressure wash vehicle down to remove grit
  • Dilute one-part Purple Power with three-parts water
  • Evenly apply the foam over vehicle using a foam cannon
  • Leave to sit for a few minutes- but don’t let it dry 
  • If scrubbing is required- gently scrub vehicle top to bottom
  • Rinse vehicle with water and chamois dry

Bucket Method Directions

  • Put approx. 100ml of Purple Power into 10 litres of warm water as a guide – adjust to suit as required
  • Hose all grit off vehicle
  • Scrub and rinse off
  • Dry with a chamois or drying mitt

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