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At Filters & More we offer a wide range of high-quality filter products to suit your needs and requirements. Whether you are searching for hydraulic filters, coolant filters or an oil filter - our large range of filters will have varieties to suit you.

We stock a wide range of high-quality and well-known brands to suit every need and requirement, ranging from Sakura, Alemlube, Pro-Kit and Auslift.

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Filters & Filter Kits
An air filter works to remove a range of harmful pollutants from the air such as pollen and dust in order to protect the engine and support performance.
An oil filter removes any contaminants from your engine oil such as dust, dirt, unburned fuel and other contaminants to avoid build-up over time and protect the longevity of your engine and vehicle.
Fuel filters work to filter out any debris or dirt which may be found in your fuel system. Filtering these out will assist in maintaining the required fuel flow needed for the functioning of your vehicle.
A quality hydraulic filter is essential for a hydraulic system to ensure that it is adequately removing any damaging particulates. Damaging particulates are removed by forcing hydraulic fluid through the filter.
A fuel/water separator works to ensure that clean fuel is transferred to the engine. It works as a filtration device to remove water from the diesel before it reaches the engine and prevents any damage.
A 4WD filter kit includes all your necessities such as an oil filter and fuel filter needed for your four-wheel drive to protect and optimise its engine.
A cabin air filter assists in filtering the air that enters the cabin of a vehicle through the air conditioning system and heating system.
Commercial filter kits provide all necessary parts for trucks or commercial vehicles required to protect and keep them free from potentially damaging contaminants.
A transmission filter keeps contaminants such as metal shavings or dirt and debris out of the transmission fluid supply. The transmission filter eliminating contaminants ensures the internal workings of the transmission are working well.
A range of filter options to suit your vehicle and your needs.
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