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A variety of filters ranging from oil filters, air filters to hydraulic filters that enable flows and catch impurities to protect your vehicle.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to some of our common customer queries below.
What are the benefits of clearance lights on a truck?

Clearance lights, beacons and other lighting are often a site safety requirement. They are a great way to communicate important information to others around and alert others of a truck's or machine's presence.

What type of batteries do I need?

The specific type of vehicle battery you need is dependent on the model and make of the vehicle you own and the conditions it is regularly driven in such as extreme climates. Generally speaking, a battery with a 400 to 500 CA rating is most subtle for the majority of trucks. Reach out to our experienced team who can assist you with a specific truck battery that will be suited for you. 

What are the benefits of replacing my oil filter?

Over time many contaminants can build up in your engine, causing issues with its functioning by causing damage to the bearing surfaces within your engine. An oil filter works to eliminate the build-up of any contaminants in your engine, therefore limiting the negative effects that come with contaminant buildup. It is important to utilise an oil filter to protect the longevity of your vehicle and its engine. Reach out to our experienced team to find the most suitable oil filter for your vehicle and your needs. 

What is a fuel water separator filter any why should it be changed?

A fuel water separator filter works to ensure clean fuel is transported through to the engine. A fuel water separator filter works by utilising the filtering device to remove water from the diesel fuel before any of the water reaches or affects the sensitive areas of your vehicle's engine. Reach out to our experienced team to find the most suitable fuel water seperator filter for your vehicle and your needs. 

What is the purpose of truck safety signage?

All vehicles with a GVM (gross vehicle mass) over 12 tonnes and trailers with a GTM (gross trailer mass) over 10 tonnes must be fitted with retroflective rear marking plates.

Do you offer a range of truck lights?

Yes, at Filters & More we offer a range of truck lights including led truck lights, truck tail lights clearance lights for trucks and more. No matter the make or model of truck you own, or the type of truck lights you require - the team at Filters & More are able to assist you in selecting truck lights that suit your needs and requirements. 

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