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Tags: Fuel Filter

FC-1205 Fuel Filter



  • Brand: Sakura
  • Availability: In Stock
  • SKU: FC-1205

Dimensions (mm)

Height: 85
Outer Diameter: 76
Inner Diameter: -
Thread: M20X1.5

Sakura Filters

Sakura Filters Australia has been in the automotive industry for over 30 years, and is one of the market leaders in the import , distribution and export of automotive filters. Sakura Filters Australia distributes an extensive range of fully warranted filters Australia-wide and to the Pacific Islands

Quality & Warranty

Sakura Filters Australia's first class quality automotive components ensure the customer will have the best choice in products that are guaranteed free of defect. The warranty covers replacement if the product is found to be defective, and Sakura Filters Australia will assist with the manufacturer to restore the engine to its condition before failure in the event of engine failure due to the filter.

KUBOTA GV3190Q w/V2203 Eng.
KUBOTA GV3250QSW w/F2803-B Eng.
KUBOTA KH61 w/D950-BH1 Eng.
KUBOTA KH91 w/D1402-BH5 Eng.
KUBOTA KX101H w/V1902 Eng.
KUBOTA KX121-2S w/V2203-E Eng.
KUBOTA KX151H w/V1902 Eng.
KUBOTA KX161-2S w/V2203-E Eng.
KUBOTA KX91-2S w/V1505-E Eng.
KUBOTA L175 w/Z750-A Eng.
KUBOTA L185 w/Z751-A Eng.
KUBOTA L185DT w/Z751-A Eng.
KUBOTA L2050 w/D1102-AE-1 Eng.
KUBOTA L225 w/D1100-A Eng.
KUBOTA L2350 w/D1102-AE Eng.
KUBOTA L2600DT w/D1403-AE Eng.
KUBOTA L2600F w/D1403-AE Eng.
KUBOTA L285 w/V1500-A Eng.
KUBOTA L295 w/D1301-A Eng.
KUBOTA L295DT w/D1301-A Eng.
KUBOTA L3000 w/D1503-E Eng.
KUBOTA L3000DT w/D1503-E Eng.
KUBOTA L3000F w/D1503-E Eng.
KUBOTA L305 w/D1301-DA Eng.
KUBOTA L345 w/V1501-DA Eng.
KUBOTA L345DT w/V1501-DA Eng.
KUBOTA R310 w/V1305-RP Eng.
KUBOTA R400 w/V1902 Eng.
KUBOTA R410 w/V1902 Eng.
KUBOTA R420 w/D1503-T Eng.
KUBOTA R510 w/V2203-DI Eng.
KUBOTA R520 w/V2203 Eng.
FUEL FILTER 7000043081/P550127
KUBOTA 70000-43081

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