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Commercial Filter Kit

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Kit ContainsC-65201 x 2 FC-6501FC-6502Sakura...




Kit ContainsC-5502FC-5509SFC-5504-10Sakura FiltersSakura Filters Australia...




Kit ContainsC-57430SFC-5521Sakura FiltersSakura Filters Australia...




Kit ContainsC-5722SFC-5709-10Sakura FiltersSakura Filters Australia...




Kit ContainsC-57430FC-5726Sakura FiltersSakura Filters Australia...




Kit ContainsC-5510 x 2 C-5717FC-7102Sakura...




Kit ContainsC-5510 x 2C-5717FC-7108Sakura FiltersSakura...




Kit ContainsES-76010-10 SFC-76110-02Sakura FiltersSakura Filters...




Kit ContainsC-5510 x 2C-5717FC-7102 x...




Kit ContainsC-5501 x 2C-5717FC-7102 x...




Kit ContainsC-5510 x 2C-5717FC-7108SFC-24030Sakura FiltersSakura...



What is the main function of a commercial filter kit?

Generally speaking, the main function of a filter is to protect your engine and its performance. A filter protects your engine but filtering out contaminants such as airborne particles, dust and pollen. A commercial filter kit provides various filter options required to meet your vehicle's needs.

What are the common problems with filters?

You may experience some issues such as noises coming from your engine, a smell coming from your engine, decreased performance or fuel economy. These issues can be easily fixed by either cleaning or replacing your filter to ensure it is working to the best of its ability. To learn more about commercial filter kits and the benefits of maintaining filters, speak to our friendly team at Filters & More today!

How can I prevent common filter problems for my commercial filter?

It is important to replace your filter if you are experiencing problems or if you are due to replace your filter based on your servicing history. Keeping up to date with the history of your filter and replacing it as soon as needed will prevent from damage being caused by the filter.