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Top Picks: Essential Items For Your Toolbox

Whether you’ve just moved out and need to build a stack of flat-pack furniture, or you’re an experienced DIY expert looking to sharpen your knowledge, a well-stocked toolbox is essential in all homes. The problem is, there is a huge variety of toolbox items available, and this makes it very easy to invest in items that aren’t necessary for a basic toolbox. As a result, it can be very difficult to know which basic tools everyone should have

However, to make sure you strike a balance between being well-prepared for all scenarios without overspending, we have devised this toolbox checklist to ensure you have all the most important toolbox essentials. While this list of toolbox must haves includes items you’re unlikely to use every day, it’ll ensure you’re never missing any crucial equipment when predictable issues and tasks arise. 

ToolBox Essentials


Screwdrivers are a hugely important tool and are regularly among the most used items in a toolbox. Helping you get screws in and out of their respective slots, open paint tins, scrape surfaces and complete a huge variety of other tasks, the screwdriver is a trustworthy all-rounder and is one of the most essential tools for a toolbox. 


However, it’s important to invest in a comprehensive set that includes a range of Philips and Flathead varieties to cater to all eventualities. A Philips head screwdriver fits screws with a cross-shaped head, while the Flat Head is essential for traditional slotted screws, and in more recent times, has become a go-to paint tin opener. 



Hammers are undoubtedly one of the most important tools in any toolbox because they are so often called upon to carry out a number of different tasks. Whether you’re setting up your very first home toolbox or you’re experienced in home maintenance and looking to check the contents of your toolbox, a versatile claw hammer simply must be included. These essential tools allow you to fit nails into position, take them out of place, put together various parts in construction activities, and break smaller objects. 


Hammers are universally used for a variety of different purposes, and as a result, it’s highly advisable to invest in a quality variety that will stand the test of time. As a result, comfort and ease of use are important, so be sure to invest in a sturdy, well-built, and comfortably weighted variety relative to your strength.


Measuring Tape

A quality measuring tape is an essential tool in any toolbox as it ensures you can accurately measure any distance within your home. This is crucial when you’re looking to purchase important new furniture such as beds and couches, or when you’re looking for a new home. A compact yet vital piece of equipment, it’s almost certain that if you ask any trade professional “what’s in your toolbox?”, a measuring tape will be on their list. 

While a measuring tape is not among the most versatile toolbox items, a quality spring-loaded variety with clear markings is invaluable. It’s always a good idea to purchase a measuring tape that locks to allow for comparisons or easy access at a later time. 


A set of quality spanners are definitely among the most essential tools for your toolbox. Offering you a better grip to either loosen or tighten various nuts and bolts, these helpful tools are often important and heavily used in a range of different construction-related tasks. 

These tools may either have square or hexagonal heads, and they come in a number of sizes.  However, it’s important to remember that these toolbox essentials are adjustable, allowing you to alter the width of its jaws to fit the relevant nut or bolt’s head. 

Spanner set

Pliers & Cutters 

Even though they are among the most neglected toolbox items, pliers are absolutely pivotal in a huge range of tasks, and their value is often only recognised when they have been overlooked previously. A quality set of pliers allows you to pull nails out of place when required, cut any wires, or loosen any particularly tight fasteners.  

It’s a good idea to invest in more than one set of pliers, as there is a range of specialised pliers designed for specific purposes, such as cutting, gripping, and loosening. Regardless of your expertise or the type of tasks you’re likely to undertake, it’s always advisable to invest in some reliable pliers. 

Safety Gear

Whether you simply need a basic toolbox or are looking to build an extensive toolbox in the future, safety gear is among the tools everyone should have.  In every household maintenance or building task you will ever undertake, safety precautions must always be taken to minimise the risk of injury.

safety gear

Eye Protection

Eye protection is central to many precautionary processes as it protects you in a range of different situations. Keeping your eyes safe from sparks, flying particles, potentially toxic fluids and fumes, protective eyewear is important to have in even the most basic toolbox.



Gloves offer your hands an important extra layer of protection and cushioning between any equipment or tools you’re working with. While a cloth pair with leather padding is among the most common tools in a toolbox, you may also wish to invest in a waterproof or insulated pair. 


Ear Protection

Ear protection is also an important safety precaution for a range of situations. Whether you’re sawing a plank of wood, hammering in a set of nails, or carrying out extensive drilling, you’ll be glad to have invested in some quality earbuds or ear muffs.  

No matter your level of expertise, a set of safety equipment must always be among the most used tools in a toolbox to minimise the risk of injury and illness. 



While a screwdriver is undoubtedly a staple in every basic toolbox, it’s inevitable that you’ll grow tired of using them, and that’s when a quality cordless drill becomes an important toolbox must have. A drill is one of those tools everyone should have due to its great versatility and ability to save time.  

While drills are traditionally used to drive screws into place and drill holes in walls and other pieces of material, they can also be used for a range of specialised tasks, including the cutting of larger holes and sanding down of curves to create a smooth surface. The best drills tend to include two batteries, ensuring you don’t encounter a period where you’re unable to use this essential toolbox item. 


Hex Keys & Bits

Hex keys, also known as Allen keys, are small, L-shaped tools that can be used to tighten or loosen bolts and screws that have a hexagonal head. These tools come in a range of different sizes, are they’re a toolbox essential because they give the user the ability to work with precision in tight areas with limited room and visibility.  

These common toolbox items can be purchased individually or within multiple-piece sets with many hey keys and bits of varying sizes. Their compact size makes them an ideal tool to store away for easy access, and their easy portability makes them an essential tool for toolboxes of all sizes. 


Are You Ready To Assemble Your Toolbox?

If you’re looking to invest in these essential toolbox items, the team at Filters And More are happy to assist you in this process. Our friendly team can offer you advice on which product varieties will best suit your individual needs, and we’ll make sure you assemble a basic toolbox with the most essentials tools to prepare you for anything. To find out more, don’t hesitate to call us at contact us today. 

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