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The Ultimate Guide to Truck Repairs & Maintenance

Trucks are the bloodline of the nation, transporting valuable products that ensure the population has access to the most essential resources that we need in our everyday lives. However, the importance of trucks is often neglected and is only recognised when they are not operating as efficiently as we’ve come to expect. The working order and condition of your truck may also be crucial to the success of your business, helping you fulfill your obligations and service your customers effectively. 

Central to this is purchasing the highest quality truck batteries and truck lights, as investing in premium products will offer you greater longevity and allow you to safely and efficiently offer your services. At Filters and More, we provide our customers with first-class products that help you bring your work to the next level and deliver an unparalleled service to your customers. 

Why Truck Batteries Are Vital

When you purchase a house, at the top of your agenda is securing a comprehensive insurance policy to ensure that when things go wrong, you’re covered. Your commercial truck similarly follows the same process, and investing in premium quality truck batteries is a great form of insurance and protection that makes sure your business can meet its obligations. Giving power to your truck and ensuring it can start, truck batteries act as your failsafe. 

While the vast majority of trucks used for commercial purposes simply require a single 12 volt battery, we stock a variety of truck batteries to suit different models and sizes of vehicles. Determining the type of truck battery that you require is essential, and this will depend upon your model and the climate it’s used within. While a 400-500 CA rated battery is suitable for most trucks, our team of professionals can help you select a high-quality battery befitting of your truck’s needs. 

Our products are available for purchase in a variety of methods to suit your needs, with in store purchases, click and collect or online ordering available. This vital piece of equipment is central to your truck’s operation, and our wide range of truck batteries ensures we can cater to your needs no matter how unique they may be.

The Importance of Truck Lights

Naturally, truck lights are absolutely crucial to the working order of your vehicle, ensuring your business can provide its services safely and in accordance with legal requirements at night and in dark conditions. As a permanent fixture in your maintenance plan, it’s recommended that you invest in high-quality truck lights with great longevity and performance. Doing so will prevent the untimely deterioration of the lights from detracting from your services, and will ensure the safety of yourself, your employees and your fellow drivers. 

A wide range of truck lights are essential to the working order of your vehicle, including headlights, fog lights, signal lights and brake lights among a series of other vital lights. Accordingly, the Filters and More store stocks an array of lights, each of varying types and specifications to ensure we can meet the requirements of any truck. Regardless of your truck’s model and size and your usage patterns, our team will be happy to assist you in the selecting truck lights that are right for you.

Truck Tail Lights

Often neglected by drivers of all vehicles, truck tail lights are absolutely essential to your safety as well as that of the general public. Helping drivers see and navigate around your vehicle, truck tail lights prevent costly damages and potentially fatal crashes from occurring as a consequence of a lack of vision. By investing in premium quality truck tail lights, you’ll also be ensuring your business doesn’t encounter any surprising fees. Failing to comply with national road laws requiring the working order of truck tail lights is a punishable offence, with fines applying. 

Truck tail lights are crucial in framing your vehicle to help others drive accurately estimate its size, and it’s essential for these lights to have great longevity and visibility. Consequently, the expert team at Filters and More are committed to sourcing on the highest quality of lights, ensuring your safety and minimising the maintenance costs and requirements that your truck will encounter. 

Looking for the best truck parts provider in the industry? 

If your truck needs requires new parts or you’d like to invest in the highest quality components to ensure minimal maintenance is required, don’t hesitate to reach out to the expert team at Filters and More. With vast experience in… the team can recommend the highest quality tools and equipment for your truck. 

With truck batteries, truck lights and truck tail lights among a plethora of other specialised pieces of equipment, Filters and More is your one stop shop for all things trucks! 

 To ensure we have products that suit every vehicle and its needs, we stock a wide variety of filters and separators including air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, fuel/water separators, 4WD filter kits, cabin air filters, commercial filter kits, transmission filters and many more filters and separators.

Contact our friendly team today at or call us on 1300 003 458 and we’ll  be glad to offer you the advice you need and point you in the direction of our first-class products that meet your individual needs.