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The Importance of Air and Hydraulic Filters In Your Vehicle

Regardless of the vehicle you drive or the automotive expertise you have, it’s inevitable that you’d like your engine to remain in good condition to ensure your vehicle remains a safe and reliable means of transport. Quality filters are central to this process, as they make sure your engine is not exposed to damaging contaminants that inhibit its various functions, and they purify the air that is circulated throughout your vehicle. 

Central to these processes is the installation of reliable hydraulic filters, as well as cabin air filters and air filters among a range of other components that serve specialised functions within a vehicle. Thankfully, the team at Filters and More are vastly experienced and have great expertise in providing quality filters to meet the needs of all vehicles. The following information has been provided by our devoted experts to ensure you understand the function and importance of some of the most popular filters we offer in-store.

Hydraulic Filters

For your engine to operate at its full potential and maximise its lifetime, it’s imperative that the various parts of your engine remain aligned through the use of quality lubricants. However, this lubricant must be free from contaminants and any particles that are not designed to be within the fluid. To ensure these contaminants don’t make their way into your lubricants and inhibit the efficiency of your engine, hydraulic filters must be installed, regardless of the vehicle you drive. 

While they are usually installed between the tank and the pump within your engine, the installation of hydraulic filters often is dependent upon the specifications of a vehicle. There is a range of different hydraulic filters on offer at Filters and More, so it’s imperative that you understand the requirements of your vehicle to ensure you select a variety that meets your needs. Make sure you have an understanding of which component within your system is most sensitive and consider the level of filtration that you’ll be offered by the hydraulic filter quill. However, the quality of all hydraulic filters is irrelevant if it does operate with clean fluid, so to prevent machine failure and ensure your filter is effective, it’s important to stick to a schedule of regular fluid changes.

Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filters are integral to maintaining the health and comfort of each of the passengers within your vehicle, working to remove any contaminants that may enter the cabin of your vehicle through the heating and air conditioning systems. These filters are designed to remove any dust, pollen, and other unwanted airborne materials, but they are also important in maintaining the health and working order of various systems within your vehicle. Specifically, cabin air filters ensure your air conditioning and heating systems do not become clogged, and as result, will remain operational and not encounter any malfunctions. 

While these filters are highly effective and should be installed in your vehicle, they too can become clogged. If this does happen to your cabin air filter, failing to replace it will result in vastly reduced airflow, a far greater volume of dust and debris, and your vehicle will have access to less power. To avoid this, it’s crucial to replace your cabin air filter when required, and sticking to your regular maintenance and servicing schedule will ensure a qualified technician can diagnose any issues before they generate more problematic outcomes. 

Air Filters

While cabin air filters work to purify the air within the cabin of your vehicle and remove contaminants from the air that the driver and passengers breathe, air filters have a more holistic purpose, as they ensure contaminants don’t inhibit any part of your vehicle. These specialised products have a large role to play in maintaining the health and efficiency of your engine, as they work to keep all damaging particles away from the vehicle entirely to support and protect the engine, ensuring it can work to its full capacity. 

By keeping harmful particles away from the vehicle, air filters also offer you a number of benefits that make your experience within your vehicle more comfortable and economical. Removing dirt and dust from your vehicles’ internal systems will allow for maximum air flow within your vehicle, making sure your air conditioner works to its full potential, keeping you cool in summer and warm in the winter. Similarly, a lack of dust within the vehicle also makes for a clearer view from the cabin, and will help your engine work more efficiently, giving your vehicle the ability to operate with more power. Similarly, air filters also help your vehicle reduce its fuel consumption and benefit from favourable combustion, saving you money in the long run. 

While high quality air filters can offer a number of fantastic benefits, its important for these filters to be cleaned consistently, as otherwise you may experience a reduction in fuel economy, vastly reduced performance and irregular noises within the engine which may be a sign of further problems in the future. To prevent these issues from arising, air filters require regular cleaning and should be replaced each year, or each time you reach a 15,000 or 20,000 kilometre interval. 

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