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The Complete Guide to Automotive Filters: Understanding Oil, Air, and Fuel Filters

The four main filters used within vehicles are cabin filters, air filters, oil filters and fuel filters. The overall aim of automotive filters is to protect the vehicle's performance and engine by enabling flows and catching any impurities such as dirt and contaminants which may lead to vehicle damage or corrosion. 

There is a range of different filter types that are used within a vehicle which each serve different purposes. The range of automotive filters we stock at Filters & More includes oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, hydraulic filters and cabin air filters. 

Oil Filters

Oil filters work to remove any contaminants from your vehicle's engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil or lubricating oil. As your oil filter works to remove contaminants, this will ensure that your engine is working to the best of its ability. 

When selecting an oil filter for your vehicle, it is important to consider your vehicle make and model to ensure that the oil filter you choose is suitable for your vehicle. It is beneficial to take into consideration mileage and oil type when selecting an oil filter to ensure the filter meets your performance requirements and needs. 

If you begin to experience signs of damage or issues with your vehicle's acceleration or changes in exhaust colour, it is important to change your oil filter as soon as possible. As a general guide, it is recommended to change your oil filter every 6 months or every 5,000km to 10,000km, ideally whichever comes first. Some manufacturers believe it is best to change your filter with every other oil change, which avoids any issues arising with your oil filter. 

Air Filters

Air filters work to filter and remove harmful particles from the air such as dust, dirt, pollen and bacteria and prevent them from entering your engine, therefore protecting your engine's performance. 

If your air filter is experiencing issues, you will generally notice minimised vehicle performance in some way whether it is in terms of air conditioner issues, a decrease in power, less fuel consumption or a general decrease in performance. If this is the case, it is likely that you may require a new air filter or your existing air filter needs to be cleaned. 

It is recommended to replace your air filter every 12 months or every 15,000km to 20,000km, often whichever interval you reach first. Changing your air filter will ensure that the air filter is working properly to reduce car emissions, improve its fuel efficiency and overall protect its engine life and performance. 

Fuel Filters

Fuel filters work to filter out any contaminants such as dirt or debris whilst maintaining your vehicle fuel flow, which in turn protects your engine performance. A fuel filter is important for the performance and safety of your vehicle as it ensures pure petrol is being used within your engine without contaminants.

You may experience signs that your fuel filters are failing if your vehicle has poor engine performance, begins to stall or starts to experience hard starting. If you are experiencing these signs, it will be beneficial to change or clean your fuel filter spending on its condition. 

It is recommended to change your fuel filter between every 30,000km - 40,000km and as per your servicing history. With this being said, there may be some reasons to change your fuel filter approximately every 20,000km such as if you regularly drive on dirt roads or regularly go 4x4. 

Automotive Filter Changing and Servicing 

It is important to clean and maintain your vehicle's filters on a regular basis to ensure any issues are picked up as soon as possible and your engine life will be prolonged along with improving fuel efficiency and reduced car emissions. 

Depending on your filter type, you should have a range of when it is best to change your filters such as a specific kilometre range or a time period, whichever comes first. Often your user manual will highlight when changes are required, although it is beneficial to keep track of your filter replacement issues in order to keep on top of it.

Find The Best Range of Automotive Filters at Filters & More!

Whether you require oil filters, air filters or fuel filters - we have you covered! At Filters & More we stock a wide range of high-quality and industry-known brands such as Pro-Kit, Sakura, Alemlube, Pro-Kit and Auslift. We stock a wide variety of filters and separators including air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, fuel/water separators, 4WD filter kits, cabin air filters, commercial filter kits, transmission filters and many more filters and separators to ensure we have products to suit every vehicle and its needs. 

Our team at Filters & More have decades' worth of knowledge and experience to assist you with any questions you may have about filters and separators, tools and accessories or our extensive range of earthmoving supplies. At Filters & More we offer Click & Collect services and fast delivery Australia-wide. Contact us at 1300 003 458 to speak to one of our friendly team members.